Keadilan Executive Internship Program | Keadilan Internship Program
Keadilan Executive Internship Program (KEIP) is a two-month module that provides real life, hands-on experience in KEADILAN politics. Program Latihan Eksekutif KEADILAN ataupun KEIP merupakan sebuah program yang ditawarkan khas untuk mahasiswa dari Malaysia mahupun dari dari negara luar.
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Parti Keadilan Rakyat is looking for enthusiastic, vibrant, versatile future leaders for our 2018 internship programs. Students of any undergraduate studies are encouraged to apply. There are two ways for you to join us;



This is a unique opportunity for passionate undergraduate students to gain real life, hands-on experience in KEADILAN politics, strengthen their understanding of the political process and prepare for future leadership.
Our modules cover:


Election campaign & national issues

To experience the campaign preparation and campaign process, strategizing and developing national issues championed by political parties.


Parliamentary advocacy

Attached to KEADILAN’s parliamentary group to work on research, preparing parliamentary questions, visits to Parliament and session with Leader of Opposition, Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim.


Research & policy developments

Overview of the thinking and research processes involved at the leadership level and Institut Rakyat in formulating PKR/Pakatan Rakyat policies and subsequently to participate in such policy formulations.


Activism & civic advocacy

Understanding and participate in the activities of civic advocacy through NGOs (such as National Oversight & Whistleblowers, Lawyers for Liberty) and partnering with students organisations (such as Mahasiswa Keadilan and campus groups), develop a national level program to push for an advocacy of choice.


Grassroots and constituency work

Attachment to service centre to understand issues at the grass root, understanding daily work of MP/ADUN, participate in grass root community activities, visits to constituencies outside Klang Valley to understand the urban-rural divide.


Media & public relations

To learn about media etiquettes, take responsibility of press office for MPs including drafting press release and organizing Press Conference, to organize and participate in public forum/event.


New media, analytical & organizational skills

Wide range exposure to graphic design, video making/editing, content preparation, spreadsheet knowledge for analysis, polling skills via phone and direct interviews, election results analysis, building social media following.



The internship will be conducted mostly in Klang Valley except for a weekend trip spanning 4 days to constituencies in other part of the country. Intern will received a stipend of RM700 per month, transportation and accommodation will be provided only for arranged field trip outside Klang Valley.


From the very beginning of the internship, the batch of interns will be assigned to work on specific deliverable that will have a national impact; either in the form of policy papers, national campaign on specific issues or a public event of national significance.


Internship Period: Monday, 15th July 2019 – Thursday, 22nd August 2019
Application Closing Date:  15th June 2019

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In addition to our Keadilan Executive Internship Program, undergraduate and post-graduate students will have the chance to intern directly with any Keadilan MPs (Member of Parliament) or ADUNs (Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri). Attachment with each leader/office offers you a unique and more hands-on learning experience.


An internship stipend of RM700 per month will be provided, however successful applicants need to make arrangement for their own accommodation and transportation.


Please state your preferred leader to intern with & your time availability in your application.



Internship Period: Minimum two months, throughout the year.
Closing Date: On-going basis, recruitment based on the need and availability.

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If you like to find out from the former interns what they think about KEIP, you can write to them at